Insurance Claims FAQ’s

It depends on how your glass broke. Most customers have their glass break from a rock off the road, vandalism, or other unknown reasons. If this is the case, your claim would fall under the comprehensive portion of your insurance - which doesn't raise your rates.
We bill all insurance companies directly. You don't have to worry about temporarily footing the bill.
Yes, but only if you have full coverage on your car. Your insurance company will cover your vandalism loss (minus the cost of your deductible). Vandalism claims fall under comprehensive coverage, not collision coverage. A vandalism claim is not considered your fault and will not raise your rates.
No, insurance companies take your word on vandalism claims and don't require a police report or a visual inspection.
No. Insurance companies don't require an adjustor for claims involving glass. We are networked with all insurance companies and can help you handle the processing of your claim. Once your job is done, your insurance company will pay us a rate that they set - no adjuster needed.
Your insurance deductible is the portion of the payment that you are responsible for. When your job is completed, you pay your deductible to the repair shop - and your insurance company pays the remainder of the bill. Most people have a lower comprehensive deductible than they realize and are able to save money by having us file a claim for them.
You only have to pay your deductible once - to whoever provides the first service. You are only responsible for your deductible once per incident, and that's all you'll have to pay no matter how much damage was done to your vehicle.
Each insurance company works with us on a regular basis to set fair and reasonable rates. We charge all insurance companies a rate that they have individually negotiated with the glass industry.