Rock Chip Repair FAQ’s

The Glass Medic repair system uses patented equipment that has been used effectively for over 10 years. A resin is injected into the damaged area, then properly cured.
The Glass Medic system repairs common "bull's eye" and "half moon" fractures, and many others such as "bee's wing," "clover leaf," and "star" breaks, even some cracks.
Yes, because the windshield is subject to twists and jolts -- most damage will spread unless repaired.
Yes -- guaranteed by the Glass Medic Shop.
The repair itself is guaranteed by the Glass Medic dealer.
Usually less than half an hour.
In many cases, no -- it can be done where your car is, at home or at work.
The exact amount depends on the type of windshield and the damage it has, but most repairs cost no more than 25% of replacement cost.
Any savings on an auto-repair job that completely satisfies the customer is endorsed by insurance companies. It helps to keep claim costs down, and that helps to keep your insurance premiums at the lowest possible level. In recent years, many insurance companies have been insisting that windshields with repairable damage be repaired, not replaced. Usually they'll pay the entire repair cost, and you don't even have to pay the deductible
Regardless of who pays, glass repair usually cost 75% less than replacing the glass.
Danny's is a full-service glass shop, and we offer guaranteed glass-replacement service, too.
Yes, many kinds of damage in plate glass can be repaired.